End Of The Line Holsters


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Custom Image printed on your choice of Kydex color (SELECT BELOW)
Select the color of the Kydex you wish to have your holster constructed with.
NOTE: Refer to the color and design page for reference's to the colors and designs!
Color of leather backing of holster
The RCS wedge is designed to mount on the back of the holster towards the muzzle. The wedge helps lever the grip of the firearm into the body for maximum concealment.
CAUTION: Be sure to choose the correct clip for OWB or IWB! Each clip is labeled as (OWB) or (IWB).
Choose what type of carry for your holster. Inner waist band (IWB), Outter waistband (OWB) or Dual waistband (DWB)

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The TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) is for the Inner waistband carry (IWB) or the outer waistband  (OWB) carry, specifically designed for an overall carry whether an appendix carry, hip carry, or back carry. 8 - 9 .oz Leather backing for durability and comfort. This holster was designed to wrap around the contours of your waist to allow for comfort and ease of access during a draw! 

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